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Useful commands for Linux beginners!

7 minute read

Linux is probably the most used operating system in the world. It runs more than 90% of the internet, about 70% of world’s smart-phones (Android is technical...

It wanders

less than 1 minute read

The mind is a temple. Sometimes a dungeon.

Bye Bye Drupal (and Wordpress)

3 minute read

I have been blogging since long. It has been years. And in these years, I have used many a systems to move my blogs. From one domain to another, from one hos...

The Hash comes finally and is upsetting

10 minute read

It was some time back that I actually rooted my phone (Moto E), finally! This was my first rooting experience. Now I knew that I could install custom ROMs an...

iPhone 5s for only Rs. 30,000

4 minute read

As it happens, I stand in the admiration of iProducts. While iPhone was being released, one of my family members wanted my iPhone and I wanted to buy another...

Apple welcomes Android users to 2017

11 minute read

I am a very strong admirer of Apple. And one of the biggest issues that an Apple admirer can face while he interacts online with people is – being constantly...

My phones so far

9 minute read

Praises has been sung, wars fought, won and lost without bloodshed. It is the second round that I have experienced on the wide, wide web. But wait, if you ar...