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How to schedule Sidekiq jobs in Rails

2 minute read

The process is simple. You need the sidekiq-cron gem. The source and documentation is here. I suggest your read the documentation if the following quick guid...

Useful commands for Linux beginners!

7 minute read

Linux is probably the most used operating system in the world. It runs more than 90% of the internet, about 70% of world’s smart-phones (Android is technical...

Bye Bye Drupal (and Wordpress)

3 minute read

I have been blogging since long. It has been years. And in these years, I have used many a systems to move my blogs. From one domain to another, from one hos...

Testing Deployment

less than 1 minute read

If you are reading this blog, the site has been deployed using GitHub Pages!

The Hash comes finally and is upsetting

10 minute read

It was some time back that I actually rooted my phone (Moto E), finally! This was my first rooting experience. Now I knew that I could install custom ROMs an...

iPhone 5s for only Rs. 30,000

4 minute read

As it happens, I stand in the admiration of iProducts. While iPhone was being released, one of my family members wanted my iPhone and I wanted to buy another...