My Resumé

An engineer who loves fiddling around with machines. While scripting for a few well-known tech-journals, he also is the only Indian core developer to QCubed, a framework which has been used by, Stanford School of Medicine and NASA. Loves Linux and is a strong admirer of Osho and Apple.

Work experience

Cisco (via Avesta Computers): 2019-2020

Senior Devops Engineer

  • Created and maintained HA Kubernetes clusters for Cisco’s Software Delivery Platform (SDP) – using Kops and Kubespray on AWS and OpenStack
  • Worked on backup and restore of etcd data for Kubernetes masters
  • Wrote helm charts to backup and restore Docker Registry and Kubernetes Config data; used Velero for backup and restore of clusters
  • Troubleshooting for issues with apps on clusters, building makefiles for setting up cluster components

ZoomTail: 2018-2019

Senior Fullstack Developer/Devops Engineer

  • Implemented core services for company in Golang, Java (Spring) and Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Worked with AWS (S3, EC2, Kinesis, Route53, RDS, ElastiCache)
  • Implemented Kong API Gateway
  • Monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana; logging using ELK stack

Maya/Plackal Tech: 2017-2018

Backend Developer/Devops Engineer

  • Implemented various RESTful APIs for the award-winning app
  • Setup the rich-text email templating system in VueJS and Rails
  • Setup the automated translation management using Google Sheets API
  • Created email bounce & spam feedback system using AWS SES and SNS 2014-2017


  • Created the entire website initially, with appointment booking and management system facing both doctors and patients – was one of the first such platforms in India
  • Led the development and maintenance of entire system throughout the product lifetime
  • Worked on API creation and consumption for Zena (mobile application), backend middleware, payment gateway integration etc.
  • Built a homegrown CI/CD system
  • Build a Slack Bot for easy management of the content and operations from anyone on the team with proper rights 2011-2012


  • Created the entire website (frontend and backend) and became the core developer of QCubed in the process
  • Featured a blog and forum with ability to attach specific blog posts and discussions to a product to help find topics related to a particular product
  • Users could build a virtual PC with hardware config compatibility checks
  • Retailers could manage and showcase their store on the platform

As a Tech Writer

CHIP Magazine: 2006

Contributing Writer

  • Article on Myths About Linux
  • Tips and Tricks related to Windows XP

Digit Magazine: 2011-2016

Contributing Writer

  • Wrote complete FastTrack on Ubuntu Linux (June 2011) and Virtualization (April 2012)
  • Wrote Tips and Tricks related to Linux and Windows (various topics) and articles on Web Security, Distro Hopping + Live Multibooting, Future of Operating Systems across various issues
  • Co-authored FastTracks on multiple topics: E-Commerce, Cyber Crime, Windows 8, Augmented Reality, Cryptography, SoCs etc.

OpenSource for You: 2012

Contributing Writer

  • Wrote a series on Rapid Web Application Development
  • Wrote multiple articles on Data Storage Systems and AMP on Windows


Programming Languages

  • GoLang
  • Java (Spring/Hibernate)
  • Ruby / Ruby-on-Rails
  • PHP
  • Swift 5
  • Javascript (Vanilla, jQuery, VueJS)
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Shell (ZSH & Bash)


  • AWS - EC2, S3, SES, SNS, Route53, Kinesis, RDS, ElastiCache
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Overall Linux Administration


  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis

Can handle MySQL and MongoDB as well.


  • Git
  • Git based project management systems (GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab etc.)
  • Nginx / Apache
  • Most IDEs


  • VTU / B.E. in Information Science (Dropped out)
  • CBSE / Class 12th – Science Stream
  • CBSE / Class 10th



  • Has been featured in (under Techie Tuesdays)
  • All India Rank 3 in AFCEH Ethical Hacking Exam


  • Supplied question papers on contract basis to a technology website ( for various certification exams like 70-680, 70-687, 77-881, 77-882 and 70-642
  • Created a script to automatically compile a Linux based OS from scratch
  • Attempted porting PostgreSQL’s (v 9.1) execution engine to CUDA